Friday, January 27, 2006

In Other Crap-Tacular News, Wes Craven on Remakes, Scream 4, Feast and Red Eye 2

Man, what happened to Carpenter, Romero, and Craven? There was a time when these 3 names actually conjured up feelings of horror-goodness. I've been disappointed in all of their efforts in recent years (okay, Land of the Dead was ok). Go here to read a new interview with Craven where he discusses his upcoming projects:


JPX said...

On an unrelated noted, this film looks like a lot of fun: Evil Aliens

Octopunk said...

I can't get to the Craven stuff from work, since it's on which is mostly about nude pix of goth chicks (there's also a book, which I got for Marc, that's pretty darn sexy).

But that Evil Aliens thing looks fun. I liked the shot of the guy chasing them in the wheat thresher.