Wednesday, December 03, 2014

We're Through: Guy Pranks Girlfriend Into Thinking He Threw Their Son Over Balcony

From geekology, This is a video of professional prankster (literally, he makes a living doing this shit) Roman Atwood convincing his girlfriend he accidentally threw their son Kane over a balcony. That -- wow, that's pretty serious. I guess he's pulled every other prank already? Also, I had no idea making prank videos on Youtube could buy you such a nice house. I mean, it has a fish tank in the wall. That is fancy pants. My pants? These aren't fancy at all. "Those are athletic shorts." Yes they are. And if I lift my leg like this? "I can see your balls." Yep.


DCD said...

Yeah, gotta say I don't find the humor in it. Although if your boyfriend is a "professional prankster" wouldn't you maybe expect this wasn't real?

JPX said...

I completely agree, I can't stand "pranks". I someone pranks me I want to smash them in the face. I hate humor that comes at the expense of someone's emotions.

Landshark said...

I was expecting to hate this more than I did, but yeah, it's way not a cool thing to do to a mom.