Friday, November 11, 2016

Donald Trump ruined my Horrorthon

Wait.  Before you say anything, watch this in full screen!

I was planning to do a light-hearted post with this title, apologizing again for my lack of Horrorthon participation, because the truth is I was extremely anxious about the election and I was letting it get in the way.  I couldn't help it.

After National Curl Yourself in a Ball Day (November 9th -- it'll catch on!), I've managed to find some semblance of myself and I wish to reconnect with Horrorthon anyway.  Because I need it and I love it.  And because I choose hope.  Doesn't matter if I'm wrong, that's what hope is.

I've been thinking of starting a political blog or Facebook page or something else of questionable significance to get my thoughts on the world out there -- but not here.  This is where we talk about movies and TV and whatever weird, scary art catches our fancy.  I was listening to Abbey Road today and feeling rueful about it, because they weren't dealing with what we're dealing with.  But well before it ended I realized that didn't matter.  They're cheering us on from back there, all of us.  Urging us forward and wishing us well.  And someday our descendants will have crazy space adventures.

Now watch it again.  I love you guys.


JPX said...

I loved the fifth element until Chris tucker showed up and then I couldn't stand it. This has some promise although it looks very heavy with CG

Octopunk said...

I think you should give Ruby Rhod another chance! Where else can you see a take on pop culture of the future?

Anyway I'm psyched for this. I think Besson can wrangle the CG properly.

Catfreeek said...

Very psyched and I never tire of the 5th Element.

Anonymous said...

Why compare with The 5th Element? It was one of Besson's last creative hits, epic, funny and truely comic-like.
Valerian looks like another frantic Diznee franchise with an imbecile DiCaprio-wannabe and the fugly creep Delevigne. This is not appealing for anyone over age 14.