Sunday, January 01, 2017

Buh-bye 2016!

Even though traffic on the blog has been super sparse, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year.  On my end, 2016 has had quite a blend of highs and lows in almost every arena of life, and I get the feeling I'm not alone in that. Highs included some great moments with friends and family, an academic promotion, some wonderful concerts and comedy shows, and getting to see dress rehearsal of SNL (bucket list!). The lows have included world events, too many celebrity deaths, too much work and work-related stress, family drama, and some recent but hopefully temporary health challenges (or in other words, real life). For 2017 want to put my energy towards the things that matter most to me, and that includes this blog community, however it may morph.

Would love to hear even a micro life update from whoever is still reading... miss you and love you! Happy New Year!


Octopunk said...

Yo! Thanks for shouting out AC!

My micro-life update is pretty good; it looks like I've work coming up, and perhaps a little time off. We're generally okay out here in CA, you know, not counting the disconcerting world situation.

More from me later. Happy New Year's folks!

JPX said...

Happy New Year, guys! Thank you for the update, AC, I'm happy things are back on track for you. Octo, it was terrific seeing you last week and "toy hunting" with you! I hope from time to time people still post things on our little blog =)

Catfreeek said...

Happy New Year!!

DKC said...

Happy mid-January New Year! Even though I'm totally behind the times I think of you all often and hope of nothing but the best for all in 2017!

American Toycoon said...

Happy mid March New year! I absolutely don't know you at all but I just surfed in and read your review of "The Brain That Wouldn't Die". It was the scariest movie I'd ever seen when I was about 9 or 10. It is still pretty outrageous to watch today!

We have all suffered a lot this past year and continue to suffer this year. Just gotta hang in there, look at the bright side of life, keep watching horror films and counting the days until Halloween.