Thursday, December 20, 2012

The perfect stocking stuffer

While we're all out searching for last-minute gifts (or for some of you, biding your time until Christmas Eve hoping to discover the perfect present for the special people in your life), consider sharing a heavy metal Christmas with none other than the prolific, well-respected, and 90-year old Christopher Lee.

Here he is discussing the quality of symphonic metal. You've just got to love how he keeps it real and relevant with this kinda stuff.


Crystal Math said...

I had to break the Charlie Brown pattern the blog was suddenly showing.

Octopunk said...

But you haven't! It's a little-known fact that Christopher Lee did the "whah whah whah" adult voice on the early Peanuts specials.

HandsomeStan said...

This is AWESOME.

And that can't be true about the adult voice, can it?

Also, I'm four days too late on this, but Tuesday's post about "After Earth looks promising"?

Yup, I worked on that. That was one of the main reasons for my absence on the blog. I love how the trailer makes exactly ZERO mentions of "directed by M. Night Shymalan."

HandsomeStan said...

Sorry, didn't mean to derail from Christopher Lee. He's a man's man. Although the rhythm in Silent Night seems a bit off. My wife was like, "What the hell is that awful sound?" I had to remind her it was art.

Octopunk said...

No, I totally made that up.

Christopher fuckin Lee, right? Can't believe that guy. "And then when I was in my 80's, I became a heavy metal rock star."