Thursday, April 04, 2013

Daily Spider-Man: Yay! Banal subplot redeemed by forces of evil


JPX said...

Wow, I didn't see that coming! I'm impressed with this turn of events (still grossed out but impressed nevertheless).

Octopunk said...

I saw it coming! To be honest I was kidding at the time, but let's note that, if Kingpin had just taken my advice and poisoned Spidey outright, but Sunday we'd be basking in Mary Jane's fakey tears at the funeral.

I'm kind of amazed that Punch managed to throw this together. "Here, Lady, stand on this random corner and yell at Spider-Man when he swings by. Since I have no idea when that will be, I'll supply you with a fresh milk carton every twenty minutes from the mini-fridge in my limo so he doesn't get suspicious."

JPX said...

Haha, excellent, Octo!