Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Once we get past the origin (sigh, again) Man of Steel looks great!

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Octopunk said...

My goodness! "You are my son" totally made me mist up!

JPX has bitched about Supe's origin story more than anyone on Earth EXCEPT ME, but here's why I think it'll be okay, and probably way better than okay:

1. They added a fucking WAR to the destruction of Krypton. Thank you. I just didn't see any way they could make me spend any number of minutes watching Jor El the Lone Scientist Who Nobody Listens To and me not regard it as merely obligatory. Now I'm all psyched.

2. Some of the best Batman stuff is when Bruce Wayne goes out pre-costume, but as far as I know they've never really gone into that with Superman. I recall John Byrne wrote in a span where Supes was rescuing people anonymously, but all we saw was Martha Kent's scrapbook of mysteriously diverted disasters. So I'm amped for that, too.

So they punched up the origin story, thank Jebus. And the trailer just teases about the evil Kryptonian stuff, and the teases look good. I bet the next trailer will kick this one's ass.