Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Daily Spider-Man: The kid is right!


JPX said...

My god the strip has been so dull lately! Why is Peter stressing over the Spider-Man suit? I mean, lots of people don superhero shirts, etc. Would security really see the costume and say, “Ah ha, so you’re Spider-Man!”? Peter could just say, “I’m going to a costume party” or “I have a weird fetish”. I think it’s funny that “Stan Lee” is trying to build tension into a situation that does not merit tension.

It would be better if something happened in the airport and Peter was forced to make a quick decision about whether to reveal himself or not.

Octopunk said...

I almost titled this "Because there's only Spider-Man suit in the whole world."

Plus, when has airport security ever asked anyone to open their shirt? Does he think his pecs are irresistable and anyone with the chance would check them out?

Finally, look at this. We've been here before!

JPX said...

That's so funny, Octo! There are two volumes of Spider-Man strips on Amazon, I need to pick them up to see how redundant they are (they are reprints of the 70s strips).