Sunday, August 18, 2013

Daily Spider-Man: Asking Spidey along for your superhero adventure is like inviting your grandmother to your keg party


JPX said...

Great title, Octo! It's true, Spider-Man is so whiny. I want Tarantula to put his hand over Spider-Man's mouth and say something like, "Will you shut up while I try to rescue you from this situation created entirely by you??"

I bet The Tarantula is regretting his decision to ask for the aid of the world's most incompetent superhero.

The artwork is great though.

On a side note, Johnny went to Mexico for reasons I still don't fully understand so he will be absent from the blog this week (I think). I would love to see some comments from the rest of you guys...

DCD said...

I love that Tarantula tells him not to be so melodramatic!