Friday, November 08, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

2013  ****

This is, of course, not a Horrorthon review.  50P and I just caught this and it was a lot of fun so I thought I'd sound off.  It's better than the first one, lots of action, really cool weird-ass spaceships, these guys

And it was funny, but not stupid funny.  Maybe a little stupid funny, but still better than the first one.  Once again the weak link is Natalie Portman, not so much in her performance but because it's hard to figure why Thor digs her so.

Edit!  There are not one but two scenes after the end credits start, so stay for all of them.

Go here for the story on that top image.


JPX said...

I'm so happy to hear that this is good! Thor is not my favorite Marvel character but I enjoyed the first one - it seemed to have the right balance of action and humor and it didn't take itself too seriously. It had a Flash Gordon feel to it. I'm really digging this Marvel movie universe (I still hated Iron Man 3 though).

DCD said...

I saw that article about the poster yesterday and thought about posting about it! Good to know you enjoyed it, think it's okay for Jake?

Octopunk said...

I think it would be okay for Jake and I think he'd have a blast.

I forgot! There are TWO post-credit scenes so you gotta stay for all the words. The last one is the better one.

AC said...

sounds great! never saw the first.

Catfreeek said...

Sounds like fun, I did like the first one but I'm all for more action.

JPX said...

It was great!