Friday, November 01, 2013



(2013) ***1/2

Surprisingly good.  A pair of private investigators get a job to go find a college boy who hasn't been heard from in a week.  They arrive at his place and break in.  They don't find the kid, but they do find a large collection of VHS cassette tapes.  So, they watch 4 of them.  That is the wrap-around plot for what is essentially a collection of short films. Here are the 4 plots, briefly:

Tape 1: New eye implant allows users to see dead people
Tape 2: Guy wearing a GO camera becomes a zombie, and we get first person zombie action
Tape 3: Investigating a cult
Tape 4: Alien home invasion

The wraparound story is kind of weak, and the last tape was boring, but fortunately, it's also the shortest.  The first three stories are really cool.  The eye implant story excels in that, while we're so used to seeing glimpses of ghosts in the background, or some kind of ominous sign to prepare us for the scare, the first-person view shows a different take on being haunted. 

Tape 2 is more fun than scary, even if it isn't intended to be.  In the event of a zombie apocalypse, one imagines shooting, stabbing, and driving over zombies.  This story really shows you that, from the zombie's perspective, and is even ablet to add a little "Warm Bodies"-esque humanity to the zombie.

 Tape 3 was probably the best.  Builds up the tension great with creepy cult types, then lets the gore off the leash in the very fulfilling last act.

I hated the first VHS from last year and had no intention to see the sequel.  Then, i got a text from my brother saying it wasn't bad, and well, I just sat on the porch passing out candy last night and watching this on netflix, and well, it was a lot of fun. 


AC said...

i was most intrigued by the zombie cam segment until you described it more detail. the cult one does sound best.

Octopunk said...

Nice review, Trevor. That last pic is ghastly. Nice to hear about an anthology franchise actually improving. Or anything, for that matter.

Why are there slashes between the letters?

DCD said...
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DCD said...

I do not sweetie that last picture one bit.

Crystal Math said...

I sweetie all of it.

JPX said...

I hated the first one as well but your review has convinced me to check it out. I'm halfway through it at the moment, so far so good!

JPX said...

WOW! I just finished this and LOVED it! All the segments are good but segment 3 deserves 5 stars, great stuff! From you review I didn't realize that there was a 4th story which is also excellent. I never would have watched this if it wasn't for your review - this is why I love Horrorthon!

Catfreeek said...

Well I've been eyeballing this for awhile now I've got to watch it.