Sunday, April 06, 2014

Daily Spider-Man! Jameson suddenly cares! Next thing you know he'll fret about the lasers and debris he's been blasting all over the damn place

And seriously, for the last time, what the hell is going on with this?

I mean, you can still see the Iron Man eye and mouth slits, and when the suit's powered down the face isn't made of plexiglass.  Note how we're seeing Jameson's actual eyes and teeth here.  So Brody turns something on and the glowing image of his mustache, nose, eyebrows and laugh lines is projected onto the mask that covers his face.  He made it this big deal to park a projection of his face on his face.  All this in order to establish that he operates in a non-anonymous fashion.  Does anyone else find that extremely counterintuitive?  Couldn't anyone project a Jonah face on themselves and claim to be him?  So wouldn't simply removing the faceplate accomplish the same purpose, only better?


JPX said...

Thank you for that Iron Johna diatribe! We've all been feeling it and waiting for you to get angry about it! Will he save Spider-Man by breaking the sound barrier? Wil Tony Stark show up?

DCD said...

Are they trying to be ironic with that whole, "he's not superman in a comic book" line?! I find it extremely suspicious that Iron Jonah suddenly develops a conscience.