Monday, April 28, 2014

LONG OVERDUE: StanJr greets the world, Stan works on Spidey2, 2013 was a year

Greetings, fellow Questarians! My perennial, shameful, groveling apologies for the lack of involvement here, trust me - all of you are never far from my (our) thoughts. MrsStan & I have had one hell of a calendar year - me on Spidey2 (and other things), the birth amidst that of one StanJr (tentatively named Logan Alexander Power, but we can revisit that if the blog so demands), along with the complete host of newborn maladies: infections, colds, coughs, sniffles, sneezes, hernias, eye operations (where I fainted dead away during the doc's description of the procedure - another story for another time), testicle descensions (yep, you read that right), and everything else (inter-dimensional alien captivity, I mean, EVERYTHING).

He was 7 weeks early, born March 28, 2013, smack in the middle of my duties as 2nd AD on Spidey. My apologies for the lack of a birth announcement here; as you can understand, there was some shit going on. For those of you considering a movie industry career and/or birth (or a return engagement to either), I would advise A) working on a tentpole summer blockbuster in some capacity, 2) having a baby, as the joy/trials/stress are a heady, life-affirming mix, and 3) NEVER EVER mixing these two things together. If roller coasters were sentient, they would look at the HandsomeYear and go, "No WAY am I riding on THAT thing."

So without further ado, here's a series of some non-chronological pics (which I didn't post immediately out of my fear of the NDA I signed and having shit online with The Suit In It, but late is better than never, and I especially wanted to post this before the premiere):

As you can see, he's one Handsome devil (pictured variously with chunks of banana on his chin). He obviously gets his looks from his mother, and I hope that trend continues throughout his life. Also of note is how totally cool MrsStan was with the sexy Leia outfit for Halloween, and how she remarked "I want to wear this dress all the time!" I guess we're doing something right here.

I submit this to all of you, as I have been seriously remiss in sharing the joys of this new chapter in our lives with all of you. I welcome any name suggestions, as "StanJr" has a good ring to it (along with HandsomeStan & MrsStan), but we've been through various nicknames, and would welcome your considerable intellect in weighing in (Hulk Logan is one that seems to be sticking).

The last photo is the most recent, which documents the first meeting of Uncle Sweatpants and Aunt Crystal outside the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park during their recent visit to NYC. Despite my urgings (and due to StanJr not wanting to feed or poop or sleep or anything prior to leaving the house, damn him) we missed going through the Math Museum with them, which I wanted to see SO badly. And it's Crystal's wisdom that will make his childhood a newly enriched place, as I had no idea a Math Museum even existed here in NYC (I was going to be content with the Science Museum & Planetarium in Jersey City - but now we're not doing that ghetto shit). But those burgers were pretty goddamn EXCELLENT. And JSP has a killer re-creation of the Dressed To Kill album cover photo, taken at the historically-accurate intersection only a few books away, with all of us. I'm sure it will make the rounds soon. Best Afternoon Ever.

And, for what it's worth, Crystal, you just opened up my eyes and his to a whole new experience.

ps. we will document, at another time, the Sex Museum that was a few blocks away, that we all walked into, and looked at penises and vaginas at. "RULE #1: don't touch the penises and vaginas. RULE #2: take newborn babies into the back. Sorry, it's just the policy."

pps. that was a Galaxy Quest reference there at the beginning. Why can't they make a sequel? WHY???


HandsomeStan said...

For the record, my avatar is no accident. He's already watched (or at least glanced at) Star Blazers in some capacity.

I also wanted to point out that my picture of me being "webbed" by Spidey in my Flash T-shirt is appropriately out of focus. I was just moving too fast for him.

What I didn't include here, for want of less bombardment, was Logan's meeting with Spidey himself, when MrsStan and him came to the set. Whole other series of pics there, if people are interested. Might gel well with Spidey Recaps, Octo :)

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Please post a Baby Logan/Spidey pic post haste, and, if I may speak for everyone on Horrorthon (but mainly JPX) - let's hear some titillating stories/anecdotes about the Spidey 2 set!

AC said...

Welcome to the blog StanJr! and thanks HandsomeStan for the update and pictures. Congrats again on your beautiful expanded family, and may 2014 contain slightly fewer faint-worthy moments. I vote more pix + more stories, at your convenience. Bombard away!

DCD said...

Wonderful as always to hear from you,Stan! Many huzzahs on StanJR, he is certainly all sorts of adorable. Love the Halloween pic, too fun.
I agree with all that more pictures and especially the fainting story must be shared! Don't keep us in suspense too long!

Octopunk said...

Omigod omigod omiGOAD. That is one cute baby. The baby Flash pic is one of the best things I've seen.

(I've seen some of these pics on Facebook and done my usual "Oh that is so awesome I'll have to come back later and comment" and then go and check Julie's page to see what parts of our lives she's been telling the world and then leave. So no apologies necessary.)

Welcome to parenthood! Sorry about all the ocular and testicular and faintacular action you've experienced. Kudos on the movie!

Always great to see a post from you. Loved your line about roller coasters taking a pass on the ride of your life.

JPX said...

Congratulations, Stan! What a terrific wrap-up! Now I don't have to have secret conversations with JSP that go something like this, "Why the hell is Stan never on the blog, I mean he works in the freakin' movie business!"

You son is adorable - might I suggest naming him Stan Lee? Agfter all, he was born during Spider-Man 2. By the way, how is Spider-Man 2? Have you seen it yet?

Crystal Math said...

What a touching and thoughtful post, Stan! And for what it's worth, I AM interested in checking out that planetarium in Jersey City. Science is awesome, but math is awesomer cubed.