Sunday, May 25, 2014

Daily Spider-Man! And a big Spiderverse hand for panel 4's "How? And why now?" guy for keeping cool and providing exposition during a crisis!


Octopunk said...

There's so much to love today! My favorite is the other guy in panel 4, who says "They're making a BREAK for it!" It makes me think the arms aren't going back to the Doc but rather striking out on their own for the first time. "Screw your museum and screw supervillainy! These mechanical marvels are headed for Broadway!"

And way to showcase your exhibit, New York Museum of Law Enforcement. A table with a white tablecloth, that's damn classy.

DCD said...

Love it, Octo.

I have another issue - why do they change the color scheme in the Sunday ones? Prison uniforms were blue yesterday - orange today. They did it in the Iron Jonah strip too. Sunday he was always gold instead of red and gold. WHY?!?

JPX said...

I LOVE that last panel - Doctor Octopus looks so bad-ass!

DCD, the Sunday strip is written/drawn by a different team. The spirit behind the Sunday strip is that people who only read on Sunday can follow the storyline, which is why nothing ever happens on Sunday (it's basically a recap of the daily strip...).

Octopunk said...

I like to think the guard who says "-- even Doc Ock!" drives his coworkers crazy by saying that all the time in the dullest of situations. "The prisoners are eating dinner right now -- even Doc Ock!" "Yes, Henry."

I'm just pulling this from my butt, but I wonder if the Sunday crew has a bolder palette to choose from because the strip is in a larger format. Maybe all those blue prison uniforms from the weekdays would look bad as orange. So says my butt.