Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daily Spider-Man! Here's what went through my head reading this: Let's see, what to joke about... Peter sucks, Jameson is stupid, Jameson's a jerk... DOC OCK IS COMING!!! DOC OCK IS COMING!!!

Seriously, I'm so happy to see the back of this story I'll make a Welcome Dr. Octopus cake.


DCD said...

One more comment before we say goodbye to this stupid story.

1. UGH, Peter is so stupid. He really had not thought about how it would look if he was already there?

2. Then he shows, finally, some common sense in taking back the picture only to let JJ railroad him again. UGH!

JPX said...

Oh I agree. At this point I think Peter deserves all of his abuse; he practically asks for it.