Wednesday, November 19, 2014


(2012) **

In the aftermath of a company holiday party, nice-guy David is thrilled when his office crush, Emily, allows him to drive her home. David has been admiring Emily for a while and he is finally gathering up the courage to make his move. However, his excitement is quickly quashed when his obnoxious co-worker Corey (anyone named “Corey” is obnoxious, am I right? *crickets*) invites himself along. Adding insult to injury drunken Corey insists that they stop at a remote ATM Kiosk in the middle of a large, dark parking lot so he can get some money for pizza. Out of spite David parks far away forcing Corey to walk through the foreboding parking lot. When Corey’s ATM card does not work the other two go into the ATM to see what the problem is. Glancing out onto the parking lot they spy a menacing hooded figure in a parka. Corey suggests that they head to the car, where all 3 conveniently left their cell phones, but Emily fears the man will rob them and reasons that it would be safer to remain in the ATM building where one needs a card to get inside. Anxiety turns to horror when the hooded figure murders a dog walker. Soon the menacing, hooded figure disables the heat to the building and the temperature begins to drop to match the sub-freezing temperature outside. The cat and mouse game begins.

ATM is a 30 minute (at most) idea stretched to 70. I generally like a good “predicament” story (this is the same director who directed ‘Buried’) but watching these three ding-a-lings make one stupid decision after another was maddening. Right from the outset the trio of dumb dumbs should have simply walked out the door. There are three of them and only one of him, he doesn’t look like he could move very quickly and he is not brandishing a weapon. Other nitpicks; It’s 5 below zero yet none of them thought to wear a sensible jacket? Also, what is the probability that three people would leave their cell phones in the car at the same time? If you’re like me, your phone is never more than a few feet away from you, am I right? *crickets*. ATM commits ‘The Strangers’ sin; we are never provided with the killer’s motivation so what’s the point of it all?


Octopunk said...

At least the crickets like you.

Yeah, this sounds like the silliest predicament movie ever.

Octopunk said...

Also that title sucks.

Trevor said...

Yeah, so many of those predicament movies really rely on a lack of common sense. That's why Buried kind of was a good movie - the guy that was buried did everything that somebody intelligent would do.

AC said...

Hah, "dingalings," haven't heard that word for a while. ATM sounds like the definition of missable.

I will be using a clip from "buried" as part of exposure therapy for a claustrophobic patient next week.l. I will also be shutting her into a closet at work. Good times.

7ofNine said...

Doesn't bode well for a movie when it's upstaged by crickets.

Catfreeek said...

I'll pass, stupid people make me yell at my tv.