Saturday, November 08, 2014

Halloween Pics!

I've got reviews to write and comments to catch up on but I thought I'd best get these out before they're old and stale.  Like our jack-o'-lanterns were by Halloween, since Zack and I carved ours a whole week before.  When I placed the candles inside that night they sat on a bed of green and white fuzzy mold.

Zack was a cheetah this year.  We had a fun dress rehearsal at the LA Zoo a few weeks before H-day.

Zack chose skeleton for Julie and "uh... a wizard?" for me, but I bailed this year.  Here's Julie's fake bones a-glowing in the reptile house!

For trick-or-treating Julie also got these Dios de Muertos candy skull tattoos.  Cooooool.  (I put them on.)

Here's a better pic of Zack's punkin.  He drew the features on and I cut them as close to his specs as I could.


JPX said...

I want to jump on Julie's bones! Seriously, though, wonderful costumes and pictures. Geez, Octo you were such a Halloween dud this year :)

AC said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing the pictures!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Love the jack'o'lanterns! I'm bummed we didn't do them this year. I miss baked pumpkin seeds.

Catfreeek said...

Thanks for sharing, I was a Halloween grinch this year didn't set up the house or dress up but I still passed out candy.

DCD said...

Wow - you didn't set up your house this year, Cat? I'm amazed!

These are awesome, Octo. I love Zack's pumpkin!

Abduscias said...

Great pictures! Love the pumpkin carvings!