Saturday, November 07, 2015

Some Kind Of Hate


Lincoln is a victim of perpetual bullying so he is is sent to a school for troubled teens where he is meant to deal with his issues. Instead he is singled out and bullied there as well and in a burst of rage accidentally summons the vengeful spirit Moira, a former student who was bullied until she committed suicide. Moira vows to avenge Lincoln and make his tormentors pay but as the bodies begin to pile up Lincoln feels regret. Unfortunately Moira is on a roll and there's no stopping her until every last one of them is dead.

I liked the whole concept of this film and the form in which the ghost maims and kills is also unique. Moira hurts herself and whatever she does to herself falls onto her victim. In other words if she cuts her throat the slash appears on her victim which makes it pretty difficult to hurt her. The film fell short for me in the acting, there was just something very vanilla about it. Entertaining but not one of my favorites.


JPX said...

I like the concept although it sounds like a retread of the many "vengeful ghost" movies from about a decade ago.

Octopunk said...

Always up to see bullies get theirs, but...the kid gets bullied and they send HIM to a different school? That's weak planning.

AC said...

Agree about liking the concept but will take a pass all the same!