Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake


Jonathan Drake returns home to attend his brother's funeral only to discover that his brother's head is missing although, the skull  has appeared in a locked cabinet within the house along with his grandfather's and father's skulls. Jonathan fears the ancient curse the Jivaro Indians placed on his grandfather has come to pass and he fears for the fate of his own head. He soon discovers he is being pursued by an ancient immortal indian who is extremely tall and has his lips sewn shut. He needs to find a way to break the curse before it's too late.

As horror from this era does so often have it's flaws I fear I did not escape the slowly inevitable fate of Mr. Jonathan Drake. The plot itself seemed rather thin to base an entire movie on, this would have worked far better as a shorter segment within an anthology. It becomes pretty apparent what the outcome is going to be so it was like riding a slow train to a familiar destination. I did like the shrunken heads but the lanky big nosed indian fellow was more comical visually instead of the ominous presence they were shooting for. In reading about the film I discovered this was a drive-in classic, considering the slow pace I imagine Jonathan Drake hosted a whole bunch of make-out sessions for horny teens invoking something much more vibrant than that feeling of fear they were shooting for.


JPX said...

"it was like riding a slow train to a familiar destination" - what a great line! That seems to sum it up perfectly. I love the plot you describe however its discouraging to hear that there is little payoff.

Octopunk said...

Omigod I love this title so much! It's clear right there that he's doomed! The fourth skull... is his! Or so goes my theory. I can't spoil it because I know nothing about it.

I dug this review Cat. One of my faves of yours this year (among many).