Monday, April 25, 2016

Mark Hamill Wears The Same Sweater For 30 Years

From geekology, because some things never go out of fashion, these are some shots of Mark Hamill wearing the same sweater thirty years apart. Now that is a quality sweater. I wonder if it's as warm as the inside of a tauntaun. You know I actually still wear some of the same boxers I've had for over ten years. The elastic is completely worn out though so I rely on my penis to hold them up. I just poke it through the hole in the front then tie it in a pretzel knot. Is that what that's for? I tell myself that's what that's for.


Octopunk said...

Ha! Sucks to be famous. I was just putting one of my wear-in-the-house-only T-shirts yesterday and I realized I’ve had it since before 2003.

JPX said...

I still have my gym shorts from 1987!