Monday, September 30, 2013

Horrorthon Countdown Contest Day Two! Real Life!

Sorry folks!  I totally had this post page booted up ready to go all day and the day got away from me.  Any moment* now Julie will emerge from putting Zack to bed and we'll go watch the final episode of Breaking Bad.

*Amazingly, Julie actually appeared at that exact moment adn now it's a couple of hours later.  Whoah, Breaking Bad, huh?  Good stuff.

So yeah, sorry.  Sorry I started the countdown late and sorry I bailed on Day Two.  I was looking at last year's Day Two and noticed I was announcing the winner of the Horrorthon Countdown Haiku Hump Day contest.  What a great idea!  I should've done that.

So in light of today and the weeks and the year that preceded it, I thought I'd catch you guys up on some of the seismic events that have been kicking around, that being 1) We bought a house and 2) Julie's 91-year-old grandfather lives with us and 3) Zack, who was diagnosed as a high-functioning autistic spectrum kid a year and a half ago, started kindergarten, which has illuminated a lot of ways he's not at the same level as the other kids.  Which we're dealing with but it's a lot.

I don't want to start bitching, because there's a lot of good stuff in there too.  Zack loves kindergarten and is still good at making friends, the house may need work but there's an awesome detached garage that I'm slooowly shaping into an awesome man cave (I keep saying I don't champion that term but it really can't be denied).

And what about you folks?  How are ya?   How are our new parents doing?  Stan?  Trev?  You guys still tuning in?  I feel like we've all got some Real Life kicking around this year, might be worthwhile to give it a nod.

That's if you even get this far...  I'm gonna check out Spider-Man now and then it's time to HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA for day one.  Fucking ONE.  I got five dvds coming in the mail tomorrow...


DCD said...

Yes. Real life is kind of a pain, isn't it?

I was just saying how I have a list as long as my arm to take care of tomorrow as the kids are at school and I am off - but all I really want to do is close the blinds and watch horror movies ALL DAY! Chances are pretty good that this is not going to happen. Sigh.

Luckily, I have made no grand plans for success in H-thon this year. An old family saying was being tossed around by my sister and I last night in regards to our younger brother's early pole-vaulting attempts - it pretty much sums up my goals: "Tim goes for no height...and he gets no height."

AC said...

argh, real life! do i have to?

so... bummer alert. mr. ac's mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer in january and passed away at the end of july. mr. ac is doing ok, but i don't think we're quite back to "normal" yet; the whole experience was really stressful and roller coaster-y.

on the up side, there's also plenty to be thankful for, as the rest of life (work, family, friends) is mostly excellent. and, of course, we are looking forward to some terrifying distractions over the next 31 days.

like my blog sister dcd, i too will be going for no height this year... maybe an informal effort to tie last year's score. but i plan to read every single post, and comment as much as possible (though this can be daunting).

and while we're on the subject of scores, are we assuming catfreeek is the one to beat, as usual? is the mysterious newbie a threat? will crystal beat johnny?

and perhaps most importantly, when we all come up for air in november, will spiderman still be in some sort of transportation-related peril?

Catfreeek said...

Real life has been quite exciting here lately. Zeke is done with art school and back at home. We are working toward getting him on his feet so he can be on his own like his brother (Empty nest is highly underrated). I have had a plethora of musical opportunities opening up and it looks like I'll be doing a lot more singing. These opportunities include working with a phenomenal pianist and song writer doing some jazz, standards & classics. Also writing songs and singing with what will eventually become a metal band with a former Kiss cover band (rock n roll over) Ace Frehley. Very exciting but also time consuming, my money is on Crystal this year.

Crystal Math said...

Thanks for the support AC & Catfreeek! Too bad I've got two more jobs than I had this time last year, but I'll try my best! ;-)

Trevor said...

Yes! Definitely still tuning in! Thanks for the shout out! Parenthood is going well. 11 weeks on Tuesday. I have two horror movies queued up on the dvr for October already. I was able to get away 2 days ago to see insidious, then realized I really should've tried to hold off until this week so that I could review it. Damn.

Not going to be as many reviews for me this year, unless I'm able to review diaper changes as short horror films. If so, then I'll begin with yesterday's - 5 stars! Took about 15 minutes, and went through 6 different diapers, all while on the changing table. By the time I had finished wiping and fastening the velcro straps, I'd hear another flood filling that diaper up. Truly awful stuff. I imagine it's how Tarantino would film a diaper change, if he were to do so.

I too plan to read every review, and I'll comment on as many as I can.