Friday, September 27, 2013

The Enchanted Forest!

"A Magical place where storybook characters come to life."

That was the idea, at least.  If you were a kid growing up in Rhode Island in the 1970s your parents no doubt took you to the Enchanted forest in Hope Valley, Rhode Island.  The Enchanted Forest had no long lines in the broiling sun because the Enchanted Forest is actually in a forest, with huge trees looming over the remnants of the Old Woman's Shoe, the House that Jack Built, and Humpty Dumpty, along with an assortment of very old rides for very young kids. Adults were too big for most of these rides.

I happened to visit The Enchanted Forest over the summer to see if there was anything left and there was plenty!  I haven't figured out how to send pictures with the new iPhone iOS7 yet so please excuse the borders of these shots,

Time for school

This was once a pirate ship!

Penelope hit the bed dreaming

How about a little mini-golf?


JPX said...

Interested in other creepy, abandoned structures? Go to this hyperlink,

Okay, I admit, it's not a hyperlink but I just don't understand how to do that anymore.

DCD said...

Totally cool, JPX! I'm definitely checking out that link. I love abandoned structures.

Catfreeek said...

I wanted to go there this summer but Tony was worried about ticks. We are definitely planning a trek next month and I will be working my magic to make that creepy place even creepier. Great shots!

AC said...

vaguely remember this from childhood.

jpx, hyperlink is easy, i never did it before today but there is a "link" button when you are creating a new post and the steps are self-explanatory.