Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Phantasm V: Ravager'!

From shocktillyoudrop, The team at Phantasm Archives have thrown a few tidbits about Phantasm 5, or Phantasm V: Ravager, into the news ring this afternoon. (And I think they know quite a bit about this series and what's happening with it.)
Today, we got word that the fifth installment of the franchise is definitely on the way. And Shock had learned it was already shot. Phantasm Archives says that this project has been in the works since 2008. They broke it down bullet point style:
  • The original working title for several years was "Reggie's Tales."
  • The original cast members put in appearances along with some Don Coscarelli regulars.
  • It was partly filmed in Crestline, CA at Reggie Bannister's own home!
  • Many of the familiar series elements are back… the 'Cuda and the sphere especially. Oh, yes… there will be blood!
They did not write this over at the site, but Phantasm Archives was able to confirm to me that none other than David Hartman wrote and directed Phantasm V: Ravager. Hartman is an artist who has done a ton of work for various studios and genre personalities like Rob Zombie. You can see his work here. (He even did Shock Till You Drop's official poster back in '07 when we first launched!)
Don Coscarelli has been supervising the fifth film, so do not think is not involved.


Catfreeek said...

Aaaaaah! I thought I was done reviewing this series!

Octopunk said...

I hope they wrap it up already before Angus Scrimm dies and gets turned into a Jawa rage dwarf thing (albeit a relatively tall one).

JPX said...

Scrimm is 88 and still terrifying!