Sunday, March 02, 2014

The hidden movie within The Simpsons

When stung together all of the McBain movie clips on The Simpsons form a mini-movie!


Octopunk said...

I remember this came up three years ago, but I seem to recall there was a piece missing that time. That video link is now kaput and I didn't leave any bitchy comment, so I can't be sure. This one seemed perfect!

I actually say "Stop talkink crazy" every once in a while. Nobody ever gets the reference.

JPX said...

Damn, Octo, you and your ridiculously good memory! In another 3 years I will probably post this again (you and I will be the only ones reading anyway!).

DCD said...

He does, at times, have an annoyingly good memory!
And, hey! I'm reading, dammit!
And using lots of exclamation points!!!!