Thursday, September 25, 2014

Horrorthon Countdown Day Six! Good Monster/Bad Monster!

We've got some excellent chatter going on, folks!  I loved it when Landshark mixed up Jason and Michael Myers.  Whoop!

Today's challenge is just like it sounds.  Gimme an awesome monster and than flip it up with a laaaame one.  I'm going with Classic Godzilla and...

Classic-in-its-weird-way Godmonster!  I'm having too much fun with the word God today!

First thing that pops into your head!  Go!  God-go!


Catfreeek said...

The Golem from "It!" Was awesome!
El Charro was super lame.

JPX said...

Good monster = Alien xenomorph

Bad monster = Dren (from the movie Splice)

DCD said...

From the same movie:
Good monster = slugs from Slither
Bad monster = the giant thing in the end of Slither

AC said...

Good monsters: velociraptors, Jurassic park
Bad monsters: killer shrews, eponymous movie

Anonymous said...

Good Monster= The towering beast from the end of "The Mist.' Bad Monsters= Hobgoblins from the horrible movie of the same name.

Octopunk said...

This is great! Johnny Sweatpants, where you at?