Saturday, September 27, 2014

Horrorthon Countdown Day Four! Staff Picks!

One of my favorite... challenge-y type things!  Hit us up with some excellent Horrorthon experiences from times past and lay 'em down!  I'm going with the unbelievable Godmonster of Indian Flats.  Read my review for my reasons!  I gotta get outta here!

HORRORthon.  HorrorTHON.



Crystal Math said...

For reasons unknown I've been thinking a lot about 100 Tears. Great scary clown slasher flick.

Here's my review from three (whaa?!) years ago.

Perhaps it's an effort to get myself mentally prepared for the depravity and blood I'm about to witness, with a healthy dose of screamage that I don't experience anywhere else.

Actually there was that one time JSP hid in the closet behind the clothes hamper and tried to startle me. tsk, tsk

JPX said...

I once scared JSP by hiding under his bed and waiting for him to settle in. I reached my arm up and scared the hell out of him - good times...

Lake Mungo remains the most chilling movies I have seen in the past 3 yeasrs,

Catfreeek said...

Sleep Tight is the one that keeps coming back to me. The premise of having someone watching you in your own home, hiding in your home without your knowledge, so damn creepy. My review

AC said...

Let me in Is one of my faves. Hard these days to find a fresh take on vampires, but I think they accomplished it.

And because I'm .25 Transylvanian, sometimes I menace Mr. AC by threatening to "vamp out" and he admits this scares him a little bit for real.

Crystal Math said...

I just added those recommendations to my unofficial movie list! Goooooo Horrorthon!

AC said...

These all sound great. Due to our peculiar tastes, Mr. AC and I are salivating over the prospect of "Godmonster" in particular.