Saturday, May 02, 2015

Document of the Dead (1985)

Pardon the usual complete lapse in my participation here, but on an overnight shoot, with time to kill, I stumbled across this documentary about Dawn Of The Dead on the subreddit /r/ObscureMedia, and I had NEVER heard of such a film, nor do I think I've ever seen it posted here (where it truly belongs).

Cat, you'll particularly enjoy the time-lapse stuff of Tom Savini doing his makeup thing around the 27 minute mark, but the whole thing is fascinating, and I think pretty much the whole Thon community will find it awesome as shit. For me, I particularly loved all the planning stuff and the logistics of the 2 month overnight mall shoot.

BTW, that subreddit ObscureMedia is a gold mine for random nuggets. I didn't realize the opening theme to Hulk Hogan's Rock & Wrestling had a pretty fucking cool theme song.

Hope this doesn't get buried over the weekend. Love you all, miss you all!

Your pal,


ps. Stan Jr & MrsStan are doing awesome. Here's his first haircut from last week:


AC said...

Thanks for sharing the link! Probably need to wait to see the documentary, as this weekend we already have Age of Ultron and It Follows on the docket (has anyone besides JPX seen the latter?).

Always great to hear from you, glad the family is well, and love the picture of Jr! His expression is priceless!

JPX said...

I love the picture (of your son)! Thanks for the tip, Stan - I vaguely remember when it was announced that they were making this documentary but I promptly forgot all about it!

Did you watch "It Follows" AC???

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I watched the whole documentary yesterday and add my stamp of approval. Not only does it include fascinating behind the scenes stuff for Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead and Martin also get thoroughly analyzed.

I loved It Follows AC!

AC said...

Argh, the day was too nice for a movie Sunday so we had to put off seeing "it follows" for like the 4th time! It's a conspiracy I tells ya! Still hoping to see it in a theater.

Octopunk said...

Wow, it's like It Follows is It Walks Away from You, and Also "It" is a Movie.

Thanks for the tip, Stan! I haven't screened it yet but I will. And thanks for the subreddit tip as well, although I only have a vague idea what a subreddit is.

Adorable pic. Zack was so freaked out by haircuts when he was little. I'd hold him in my lap as he squirmed and dodge the scissors darting for my eyes.

Jesus, suddenly I have to prove I'm a robot by identifying food? Can't robots tell what food is which? What's the point of having robots if you can't have robot waiters?