Thursday, May 14, 2015

Unreleased, Terrible Cory Feldman-Adam West Film Turns Up Online

From iwatchstuff, Whatever expectations you may have for a fourteen-year-old, un-distributable film that stars Corey Feldman and Adam West, Seance almost certainly falls below them. Alternately titledKiller in the Dark--in case you somehow knew it by that name--the horror film only just yesterday became at all publicly known thanks to a post on reddit. There, a user writes that a friend's father, who has now wisely shifted into construction work, in 2001 spent a million dollars to produce his own script about a spirit that gets summoned in a séance. Like anyone brought back to the earthly plane, the spirit possesses Corey Feldman and makes him lick an unwilling, hospitalized woman's face. TV's Batman is also somehow involved.

Assuming that's enough to intrigue you--and how couldn't it be?--there's good news. The guy who made this was apparently convinced to release the film in full on YouTube, and if you have look below, you can see it in all its Feldmajesty. There's also a trailer, to help you decide if you actually want to commit to that.