Wednesday, May 27, 2015

'Mad Max: Fury Road' B-Roll Confirms This Stuff Was Really Real and Awesome

From iwatchstuff, As everyone who has seen it won't shut up about, Mad Max: Fury Road is filled with such palpably-visceral, awe-inspiring stunts, it feels like they have to be almost entirely real. These people have been the farmers market crowd telling you how you've been consuming factory-produced bullshit as they dined on the vital and real.

But has it really been so real? Well, in this case, it turns out, yeah, it has been--as is confirmed with this B-roll footage from the film. Most of those exploding cars? They totally exploded. And you can see that happen, and it is very real, and very cool, and now you can live out that lovely day below. Enjoy!

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7ofNine said...

This serves to confirm the molecular bad-ass magic this movie is made of. Bumping it up to 5 stars - with immediate retroactive effect.