Monday, June 02, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! Doc Ock's greatest heist: Spider-man's job!

Sorry for the delay, folks!  I was at Disneyland on Saturday and was therefore wicked tired yesterday.  Oh poor me!  Here's the action you crave:

I thought "That's Doctor So-and-so" was something used when someone tags a Doctor with a Mister.  Octvavius is apparently a doctor of "Slang is Bad."

Peter's look of shock an dismay is hilarious.  "You mean I'm not going to get to punch anyone?"

Peter's cover as a news "photog" warrants a snarky answer to that cabbie:  "Because if I don't get there quick all the shrimp cocktail will be gone!  And your tip!  Bam!"


Anonymous said...

There is not a better Disneyworldland like the Horrorthonland!

JPX said...

"I'll drop you close to the prison, Mac, but I ain't going all the way there".

I love how every blue collar character in Spider-Man's world speaks in this stereotypical manner.

Again, why doesn't Spider-Man swing his way to the prison, whay take a cab?

What Mister Octopus have up his sleeve, what's he angling for? Does he wish to take over the prison? Stay tuned, we will probably have the answer in another week.

Anonymous said...

What's on Doc Ock's mind? This was perfect chance for him to escape, but here he's stopping the other prisoners instead of escaping?!