Sunday, June 01, 2014

*Sniff* Alice died today

CNN is reporting that Davis fell in her home this weekend and never regained consciousness.

Davis, who used to joke in interviews that she wasn’t nearly as handy around the house as she was in that Brady two-story, didn’t start her life out dreaming of a career in Hollywood. But her brother’s work as a dancer in a touring production of Oklahoma!made her rethink her original plan — to study medicine.

She broke into Hollywood by playing a secretary on The Bob Cummings Show but her life-altering role came in 1969 when she started donning a blue uniform on The Brady Bunch. She almost never changed out of that uniform, except when she donned the occasional nightgown (like when the kids haunted the house to avoid a sale) or when Sam took her to the annual Butchers Ball.

The series ended in 1974 but she reprised her role in several TV reunion movies.

She appeared on CBS’ The Talk earlier this year.


DCD said...

That does make me sad.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

And Dick Cheney is still going strong

Catfreeek said...

Now who will those kids turn to for advice?

JPX said...

I was showing my son Brady Bunch episodes recently and he observed that Alice is always baking a cake when anyone passes through the kitchen.