Thursday, March 05, 2015

Harrison Ford injured in plane crash

From starwars7news, Last year, Harrison Ford infamously broke an ankle during the production of The Force Awakens – and while the injury itself was fairly moderate in the grand scheme of things, many hoped that this would be the last of the many injuries he’s sustained. Unfortunately, news has just broken out that the 72-year-old actor has just crash-landed unexpectedly, and is in a serious (though not critical) condition.

From Screen Crush:

This is absolutely harrowing news: iconic actor and living legend Harrison Ford has been critically injured in a plane crash. The plane crash-landed in Venice, California today and Ford was subsequently rushed to the hospital where his condition is currently critical. Ford, who’s been reprising his role in the new series of Star Wars films and recently signed on for the long-gestating Blade Runner sequel, is 72 years old—making his enduring dedication to these franchises even more remarkable.

Ford had been flying a plane by himself when it malfunctioned, leading him to crash on a golf course. After the crash, Ford walked away from the wreckage with several head injuries. Though this comes at a shock, as Ford is an experienced pilot and has survived a few crashes before, there is a silver lining to it in that the actual injury itself wasn’t as severe as initially reported.

UPDATE: NBC News is reporting that Ford’s condition has been downgraded to “fair to moderate.” According to NBC Los Angeles, “Ford’s injuries were originally described as ‘critical,’ but sources emphasized that they are better characterized as serious, including lacerations to the head and possible fractures.”

It currently sounds as though Harrison Ford will survive his injuries, but he is still in an unstable state at this point in time. After the recent death of Leonard Nimoy, it would be a tragedy to potentially lose another great actor to unforeseen dangers. From the team at Star Wars 7 News, our hearts and prayers go toward Harrison Ford and his family.


According to Ford’s son, Ben, Harrison is most likely going to be all right. Let’s hope that he has a quick recovery.

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Octopunk said...

It’s not kind, but I keep imagining Jay Sherman’s dad on The Critic honking his car horn over and over because he thinks Donkey Kong is up ahead throwing barrels at him. Of course I imagine Harrison Ford seeing TIE fighters instead.