Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Can Play 'Pac-Man' In Google Maps Right Now


Wednesday is April Fools' Day, and Google's already released its first "prank." Well, it's less of a prank and more of a treat. Starting on Tuesday, you can play the classic arcade game "Pac-Man" on Google Maps.

Here's how to play: Go to Google Maps, and on the bottom left of the map you'll see a little box with a screengrab from "Pac-Man" in it. It looks like this:
pac man google maps

So far, we're only seeing this on desktop versions of Google Maps, not on the mobile app.

To play, click on the "Pac-Man" square, and Google Maps will zoom into your map and transform it into a game. (It works best if you use an area with lots of streets.) You can use your arrow keys to move the Pac-Man around the streets, eating up the little pellets and fruits while avoiding the ghosts.
It's not clear how long this game will last, so get some playtime in while you can!

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Octopunk said...

Oh yeah! I played around my house! It's a little confusing which streets wrap around when you get to the edge of the screen and which streets are dead ends at the edge of the screen, so play with caution.

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