Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cool! ‘Back To the Future Part II’ Hoverboard Test Footage

From slashfilm, Anyone who has spent hours with their Back to the Future Blu-rays has likely seen this phenomenal 60 second clip. However, if you’re like me your set is currently collecting dust on the shelf, you have no idea what your missing. On Back to the Future Part II, there’s a clip of pre-production test footage for the most iconic scene in the hit sequel: the hoverboard chase.

What’s most amazing about this clip isn’t that, after two plus decades, the effects look seamless. It’s that the effects still look just as good as anything you saw in theaters this summer.

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Octopunk said...

Ah yes, the footage that had people saying that hoverboards would exist if the parents' groups hadn't demanded they never go into production. (Or so I read on; I've never heard anyone make that claim.)

I love the random, scrubby California hills in the background. Just goes to show you that if the magic factories of Hollywood can be in terrain like that, they could've been anywhere.