Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Haiku Tuesday! Back to School

 I was going to wait and do this tomorrow to uphold the Wednesday tradition, but I saw Cat's comments on the Cookie Monster post and figured, What the heck.

Our kiddos started the new school year today and I thought the subject deserved some Horrorthon poetic love.  Remember when you were a kid and you actually enjoyed the thought of going back to school? And then you grew up and it became really sucky? Lets not just dig up those memories - any school related shenanigans are up for the Haiku treatment. What say you group - feeling wordy?


DCD said...

Dropped the kids at school,
then home to a quiet house.
Sweet...time for a nap!

DCD said...

Worst school memory:
Came in from recess and my
wrap-around skirt dropped!

JPX said...

"Back To School" signs suck
Especially in July
Still makes me depressed

Trapper Keepers suck
They always fell apart fast
'Trapping' things my ass!

First day of class sucks
Unless class lets out early
With no dumb homework

Sitting in circle
Forced to introduce myself
I fucking hate that

I always hated
Making small talk with students
I really don't care

Protractor, compass
I must have those school supplies
Never used them once

Octopunk said...

No running in halls
But they're so perfect for it
Rule broken daily

Octopunk said...

Remember dittos?
Always purple, sometimes wet
Cheaper than Xerox

Mean Mr. Durfee
Called them "mimeographed sheets"
Had crazy eyebrows

Octopunk said...

Small, drab rectangles
Awful cheap paper for math
Still with bits of wood

JPX said...

Remember Springthorp?
Hated me for some reason
Tortured me daily

The fire alarm
It was a much-need break
From the school doldrums

I did pretty well
Had a sure-fire approach
Sat next to Octo

I actually loved the food
Mom was a bad cook

Catfreeek said...

Do you hear that sound?
(Birds chirp, a dogs single bark)
That's right, kids are gone

Summer has ended
but vacation's just begun
for Mom anyway

Best BTS ad
Parents shopping at Staples
"Most wonderful time..."

Catfreeek said...

The first day of school
Everyone in Levi jeans
Me Toughskins, Mom sucks

JPX said...

Kevin Gildea
Erection in the lunch room
Was taunted to death

Chris Caraloto
The first girl in school with breasts
Stared at her a lot

DCD said...

Cat, I feel your pain.
Wanted Guess jeans SO badly,
Not a chance in hell.

AC said...

omg, toughskins!
thanks for trauma reminder
i didn't fit in

omg, school food!
another sad reminder
mom's cooking sucks too

Crystal Math said...

Now I'm the teacher
"No, you can't use the bathroom"
'Cause I know you're bored

Form a line outside
"Yes, we have to re-enter the room,"
I hate you all, too.

Warm-up, notes, homework
Pay attention! All eyes on me now!
Pop quiz tomorrow.

50PageMcGee said...

day one - of thee, hope
slowly crumbling GPA
each day afterward

JPX said...

Metal lunch boxes
My first? Welcome Back, Kotter
Why would I have that?

AC said...

school was pretty meh
until i got to college
best years of my life

studied what i loved
professors, kids i adored
life on my own terms

no offense, grad school
other than personal life
not too damn jolly

Octopunk said...

We tease you a lot
But we gotta lotta snot
Welcome baaack, welcome...

Octopunk said...

I know that's not right
But the song's stuck in your head
I toy with your mind

Octopunk said...

Dammit! My head too
I just Kotterbombed myself
Horshack's ghost mocks me

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Huge Back to School Sale
But it's only July 5th?
Summer's just begun!

JPX said...

Graduate school sucked
I hated every minute
But I met AC!

Albany, New York
A non-descript, dark hell-hole
Met Mr. AC!

JPX said...

Junior high was bad
Imagine Lord of the Flies
Now you understand

HandsomeStan said...

Dismantled Bic pen
Tiny scraps of wet paper
Spitball weaponry

Seventh grade first day
Metamorphosis begins
Lots of new boobies

JPX said...

I tried to fit in
Never managed to do that
Social phobia

Bullies just loved me
They preyed on the quiet ones
Hope they're pumping gas