Thursday, May 16, 2013

D Printed Stormtroopers/Carbonite With Your Face

From geekology, In happier Disney news, the parks will be offering custom 3-D printed stormtroopers with your face this summer as part of Disney Star Wars Weekends. Don't fancy yourself Imperial ion-cannon fodder? NO WORRIES, they're also selling 3-D printed versions of you frozen in carbonite. Will Leia come rescue you?! I wouldn't count on it.
The 10-minute experience captures an image of the fan, which is later sent to a high-resolution 3D printer to create a figurine. The completed figurine will arrive in seven to eight weeks for domestic shipping.

The Star Wars D-Tech Me experience is $99.95, plus shipping and applicable sales tax.
Seven to eight weeks for delivery?! If I was Disney, I'd sell personalized 3-D printed stormtroopers and offer INSTANT DELIVERY. You know how? "Only printing stormtroopers with their masks still on." Ding ding ding! You and I should start a business together.


Octopunk said...

I'm behind the product idea, but the delivery system is frakked. You can only get it by going to a theme park -- but you can't actually get it there because it comes two months later in the mail. To your house. Theme parks are about gratification, dammit! For my souvenir I get to take home the sensation of waiting in line for a ride at a park I already left? For two months? Nein danke.

Either they make it faster or they sell them online, too. I have spoken.

JPX said...

Yeah but how would you get that thing on an airplane?

Octopunk said...

I don't think the word "figurine" implies full-size. And the carbonite one would float around like in the movie. Right? We can do that, right?