Friday, May 10, 2013

'Gravity' trailer is chilling


DCD said...

ACK! That is freaky!

JPX said...

I wish they used unknown actors - all I can think is, "George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are in outer space!

Love the predicament(Octo will never watch this film).

Catfreeek said...

What a nightmare.

Octopunk said...

Yeah yeah, great. It's the I'VE. GOT. TO. GRAB. THIS. THING! movie.

That said, I like the director and this lacks the predicament movie element of "it could happen to YOU" because of outer space and we don't live there.

It does beg the question that I often ask in my head, which is why ALL spacesuits don't have some kind of jetpack thingie on them. Just a little bit of motive power integrated into the suit, so this nonsense doesn't happen. Just a fire extinguisher on a strap!