Thursday, May 02, 2013

Mom Creates 2,000 Different Pop Art Napkin Drawings For Her Sons' Lunchboxes Over The Past Six Years

From geekology, In other parenting gone right news, this is a handful of the some 2,000 napkins artist and mother Nina Levy has drawn for her sons Archer and Ansel's lunchboxes over the past six years. There's Batman, Star Wars, Garfield, Spider Man, Pokemon -- you name it. "Adult themes." No adult themes. As impressive as they all are (and they're all VERY impressive), I question their utility as an actual napkin. I feel like if I wiped my lips on those things I'd smear color all over my face, and I wouldn't know it until I got home and looked at myself in the mirror. So that's why all the kids on the bus were asking if I'd blown a rainbow.

Go here to see many more examples,

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DCD said...

Ditto what I said below.

I like that the one son admits he uses them for attention and "just wipes my hands on my clothes".