Sunday, May 26, 2013

Siskel and Ebert defend Star Wars

Watch Siskel and Ebert school an old fart who hates Star Wars.


Landshark said...

"Film critic for the National Review." His job title alone is a punchline.

Landshark said...

Oh my god! I actually went back and finished watching this. The guy ends up recommending a different movie to bring kids to: "Tender Mercies."

AC said...

the old fart seems completely out of touch with the tastes of the viewing public as well as out of touch with what might be appropriate or enjoyable for children.

Octopunk said...

Watta maroon.

I even feel bad for the people who didn't like Star Wars for the exact same reasons he didn't like it, to have such a terrible spokesman.

The Tender Mercies thing is a riot. "Why, this movie has a child in it... there ya go."

JPX said...

Yeah, that guy is the epitome of the curmudgeon. Imagine how un-fun it would be to hang out with him. Imagine being his kid,

Kid: "Dad, can we see Star Wars?"

Curmudgeon: "No, I'm taking you to see Tender Mercies"

Kid: "Can I get popcorn?"

Curmudgeon: "No, we can bring dried peas"