Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cemetery Man

(1996) ***1/2

Francesco Dellamorte and his mostly-mute assistant Gnaghi take care of the cemetery in the small Italian town of Buffalora.  Their duties include dispatching "returners," cemetery denizens that rise from the dead to attack the living.  Francesco and Gnaghi have a comfortable if odd routine that is disrupted when their love lives and professional lives intersect.

Another interesting take on comedy/horror.  I'm glad I hung in there after the relatively slow first act, because the movie picks up once things start to get really weird. And it would be remiss to skip a shout out to the gorgeous Anna Falchi (perched above on Rupert Everett, who being gay might not have fully appreciated this job perk). If we were still handing out stars for breasts (have we grown out of that?), this movie would be *****.


Octopunk said...

I adore this movie! "I will be eaten by whomever I choose!" (That's this movie, right?)

There's also a great moment when Rupe is sitting in a car and he lights his cigarette and at just the right moment the reflection of flames hits the windshield.

Catfreeek said...

I also love this film, it's just the right mixture of horror & comedy. Great choice! Funny review.

JPX said...

I love this film is well, and, um, boobs!

AC said...

Exactly, octo!
Thanks, cat!
Top-notch boobs, right, jpx?

DCD said...

I feel like I have seen this - but may have to take another look! Not just for the boobs, either!

JPX said...

Top notch!