Thursday, October 16, 2014

Delivery: The Beast Within

(2014) ***1/2

Rachel and Kyle are pregnant. Actually only Rachael is pregnant. I hate it when couple’s say, “We’re pregnant”. No you’re not both pregnant. The woman is pregnant. I also hate it when people interview stars on the red carpet and ask, “Who are you wearing?” Um, you don’t “wear” people unless you’re a cannibal. Anyway, let me start again.

Rachel and Kyle are expecting their first baby. In the past Rachel suffered a miscarriage thus her pregnancy is especially poignant to the young couple. When a reality television producer learns about their story he pitches an idea to create a show called “Delivery” which would follow Rachel’s pregnancy through birth. The affable couple agrees to the series and the first half of ‘Delivery: The Beast Within’ features the pilot. The episode showcases the highs and lows of pregnancy including a baby shower, morning sickness, and bickering (chicks get emotional when they’re pregnant). The post pilot footage shows that things quickly took a turn for the worse. Rachel becomes severely depressed and is convinced that dark forces surround her, Kyle’s dog wants to attack her, and audio recordings of the house suggest paranormal activity. 

‘Delivery: The Beast Within’ is engrossing and believable. It blends in seamlessly with any stupid reality show you might find on TLC (and yes they are all stupid). Rachel and Kyle are convincing and likable and after a minute or two you will forget that you are watching a horror movie. What separates this film from other found footage films is that we grow to like the characters which make it all the more disquieting when bad things start to happen to them. The choice to make it a “reality show” smartly justifies all the cameras planted in the home. The film goes from saccharine to dark rather quickly and the ending is a gut punch. Highly recommended to those who enjoy found footage.


Catfreeek said...

I'm still on the fence with found footage. I have a hard time with it if it's a long wait to get to the action. I really despise reality shows so that aspect is a put off to me right there. This is my problem with the Paranormal ActIvity series as well. Glad you enjoyed it though.

AC said...

Sounds disturbing! The reality show idea is a good premise.

DCD said...

Hmm. I am pro found footage but not sure I could deal with the pregnancy/nice couple and a gut punch ending.

Mr. AC said...

Love the premise, and I imagine it also means found footage minus the shaky cam. I would like to see a horror film where the tables are turned on the producers of the reality show.

Crystal Math said...

Great review I'll have to check it out!