Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Den

The Den
Make your own The Den movie poster at

(2014) 4 Gretchens

If Mike Myers and Jason
Learned how to write code and hack
This is what you’d get.

The perfect blend of
Horror and technology.
I’d watch it again.

My Mac’s built-in cam
Staring at me as I type.
I turned it off, right?


Octopunk said...

I turn mine off with gum!

JPX said...

Wow, it took me a moment, but great job with the poster!!!I almost missed it until I noticed AC.I was about to make a comment about how the character in the poster looks like AC,until I looked closer!i'm glad you enjoyed the film, I like it as well.

DCD said...

Aww - I'm in one of those pictures too!

Catfreeek said...

I first noticed Abduscias and thought, that's weird. Cool poster and glad to see a second positive review.