Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Well it's been a busy month with movies to watch, weddings to perform and fun places to go, I feel like I haven't stopped! Wait, did I pay my bills this month?

Abduscias sends her regrets that due to major computer issues she has not been  able to post any reviews this year as yet. Rest assured she has still been watching massive amounts of horror and has been lurking on the blog via iphone.
That said;
We kicked  off the season at the awesome pumpkin spectacular at Roger Williams Park, the theme this year being "All the World is a Stage". Here are some familiar faces.

 Then mid-month we were off to Rock n Shock to meet some of our favorite celebrities.

 Danny Trejo was so much smaller in person, but what a nice guy.

 Tony Todd, the Candyman such a cool dude we wanted to party with him.
 Laurence Harvey (Martin from Human Centipede 2) is the sweetest, cuddliest guy you ever want to meet. He has an adorable British accent and a wonderful sense of humor. I could have hung around with him the entire day.
 and he signed his picture like this. Hilarious!
 Michael Berryman kinda looks like he's made of rubber.
Doug Bradley, not so menacing out of Pinhead gear.

And who are these two guys? Why my son Paul and his buddy Brian. Their band had a gig in Boston and I contributed my make up skills to their zombie Blues Brothers theme.
If we don't get rained out, Halloween photos will be up tomorrow. 
Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Abduscias said...

Nice post! :)

Octopunk said...

Truly awesome celebrity cred! So impressed!

That's funny about Danny Trejo.

JPX said...

That's AMAZING that you met so many classic horror icons!!! So cool.

Catfreeek said...

Sid Haig and Bill Mosley were also there as well as some others, it was a good cast this year.

Crystal Math said...

I hope that signed photo of Martin is hanging up in your house for all to see. Sounds like a fun event!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

"Keep your bowels regular." Ha! I love it! I'm jealous - 4 of those guys are on the Horrorthon banner.

Catfreeek said...

If only Coffin Joe would make an appearance it would be perfect!

Octopunk said...

I am so digging on that Cthulhu pumpkin.

DCD said...

Awesome, Cat!! We are carving our pumpkins as we speak, things have been a little crazy with the storm and the kids home from school for the past five days. (So much for my productive vacation!)

DCD said...

Awesome, Cat!! We are carving pumpkins right now, things have been a little crazy with the storm and the kids being home for the past five days. (So much for my productive vacation!)