Saturday, October 20, 2012


(2010) **1/2

After the death of his father, Ben, and archaeology student, inherits an antique mechanical box. Not knowing what it is he seeks answers from his professor, she explains the dark history of its origin in the macabre theater and agrees to find out the value for him. In the meantime he discovers that someone has broken into his house and the device has been stolen. Soon after that Ben's friends begin to die in unexplainable circumstances. We learn that the machine cranks out a voodoo doll when the photo of an intended victim is entered into it. Ben and his crime scene photographer brother Marcus must find the person, who stole the box before it’s too late for them,

Imagine this scene, you are working out with your buddy when suddenly cuts begin to appear across his flesh. You want to help him but as you approach his limbs start to break off one at a time. The next thing you know he is a torso bleeding out on the floor. I’ve just described the coolest scene in the entire film. I have to say the voodoo doll has got to be the most chicken shit way for a killer to off their prey. They just sit back in the comfort of their cozy house and poke away while the poor victim literally falls apart without any conceivable explanation. The concept of the film is cool unfortunately there are enough holes in this story to fill the Albert Hall. As a whole the film is entertaining and pretty fun to watch, it’s just a little unintentionally silly.


AC said...

nicely nasty screenshot, anyway!

DCD said...

You do seem to always come up with the best (worst?) pictures, Cat.

I always thought that was a funny phrase, "enough holes to fill the Albert Hall." Now I want to watch Yellow Submarine.

Octopunk said...

Yo, why you gotta be hatin' on my voodoo dolls? I'm just chillin' in my hizzy and gettin' my revenge shit DONE, you hear me? I think maybe you need a little "headache."

OW OWW OH FUCK that damn doll was ME. Why'd I make one of myself anyway? Got to start labelling this shit.

Catfreeek said...