Saturday, October 27, 2012

Zombie Prom 2012: Circus of Horrors

I couldn't wait to post this Post-Thon. I am still riding on a high from the atmosphere, gross costumes, and delightful drinks available at this year's Zombie Prom. I strongly believe that Zombie Prom is the third best thing I have ever encountered in my life (the second being the Stitches West knitting convention at Santa Clara, CA; the first being my favorite campsite, Kangaroo Lake located about two hour's drive northeast of Weed, CA). You might remember that last year JSP and I were unstoppable as KISS zombies.

This year I drew my inspiration from a screenshot of v/h/s reviewed by our own Trevor and JPX. Even thought I missed my chance to view it in theaters I still admired (and was terrified) of this character:
Just looking at her terrifies me!
Looking at me terrifies me!
Zombie Prom's theme for its 4th year was Circus of Horrors. As JSP stated to me before he was determined to dress as Shivers the clown from some terrible evil-clown movie he reviewed last year, and what impeccable timing that turned out to be! I got some great tips from Catfreeek about how to pull off the v/h/s look.
JSP preparing his "Shivers" look.
A zombie go-go girl and an evil clown for a drummer; what more could one ask for?
Stuck in a hall of mirrors.
JSP took a little too much pleasure in hand-buzzing everyone he came across with.

I also need to mention here that we had been taking Swing Dance lessons to be properly prepared for the amazing live music presented to us that evening by Slim Jenkins. I'd heard the band play a few times before when I had come to Verdi Club for their regular Tuesday night Swing. We got a fair share of dances in while mingling with the crowd and taking photos. The attendance was superb as were the costumes -- they just keep getting better and better every year!
"Oh dear that's messy... Perhaps I could get you a moist towlette?"
A family reunion?
Hobo Clown sighting.

These two were absolutely disgusting but so much fun to hang out with!
The zombie in the green dress was wearing a necklace which consisted of her own severed finger (from an auto accident). The zombie rabbit in the middle ended up winning, though.

Next year I propose flying Catfreeek out here for a unique, amazing experience! Any LA-LA Land people should make the Thon pilgrimmage up to the Bay for this exciting event, too. Just sayin'.


Catfreeek said...

Looks like a real blast, great pictures. I would so love to go to this with you guys.

JPX said...

FANTASTIC! You guys went above and beyond with your make-up and costumes. I know JSP has had years of practice dressing up as KISS. It loos like a wonderful evening. Terrific wrap-up, Crystal!

Landshark said...

Damn, really she worked her own severed finger into her zombie costume!? So hardcore.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Those pictures came out even better than I had imagined! Zombie Prom has become the annual event I look forward to the most.

I'm still in awe of that girl with half her jaw missing and I hope to do something like that next year. I agree that Cat needs to fly out to do are makeup... er, I mean attend the prom.

Also that girl who wore her own severed finger around her neck is my hero!

Johnny Sweatpants said...


Tami said...

That looks amazing! I'm in the Bay Area and completely missed this. What a bummer! You guys look amazing!

Octopunk said...

All of that is totally completely freakin awesome. I seem to only put effort into Halloween costumes every five years or thereabouts, so I'm probably due. Being the V/H/S woman was inspired.

So was that Shivers makeup, but what's with the shirt? Shivers don't wear no shirt. And I can see by your avatar up there that you're totally ripped, so what's the problem?