Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Santa Sangre

(1989) ****
Que bonito arte. I'd want this one hanging in my bedroom.
This artistic gem was discovered by Catfreeek last year, reviewed the same day by Abduscias, and this year reviewed by JSP and AC, only 3 days apart. Upon hearing that the director also worked on El Topo, an avant-garde fave of mine from my teens, I knew exactly what I was in store for.
Yeeeep, I knew I was in store for this weird crap.
SS is an intricate collage of experiences in the life of Fenix, a cute circus kid exposed to more than any seven year-old should; and we, the viewer, are forced to distinguish Fenix's fantasies from reality as he tries to cope with it all. In one instance, a circus elephant dies and upon hearing the news the boy pleads with the animal to not die -- an interesting scene, because for the remainder of the movie Fenix takes on the burden(s) of others, such as acting as the arms for his limbless mother.

The nonlinear storytelling of Santa Sangre never left me bored; it's like working together with someone to solve a jigsaw puzzle, but upon completing the puzzle you've only raised more questions than enlightened answers. I'll definitely be watching this one again in the future because I can guarantee that I'll find something new each time.


JPX said...

Four stars?

Catfreeek said...

I gave it 5 JPX.

A much better recommendation than Big Man Japan huh Crystal;)

Abduscias said...

Big Man Japan was hilarious!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I could have spent the entire month of October dissecting this movie but the (awesome) burden of watching, reviewing, reading and commenting makes that impossible. Everyone needs to see this movie!

JPX said...

Sorry, Crystal, I misread this line, "The nonlinear storytelling of Santa Sangre never left me bored" as "The nonlinear storytelling of Santa Sangre left me bored" hence my comment. I will most definitely check this out!

DCD said...

Jeez, JPX, get all judgy why don't you. I guess this one needs to be on my list as well!

Octopunk said...

Do you guys have actual lists? I have a "list," meaning it's in my head and titles are constantly falling off.

I have a feeling Santa Sangre will remain, however, as it's garnering so much praise and, moreover, really interesting coverage.