Sunday, February 23, 2014

Daily Spider Bomb! Week 13: Peter and MJ don't even get dressed!

We obviously just missed some weird motor-oily sex-in-the-shower scene.

It's fun if you pretend Brody is played by Woody Allen, especially when he says "No way, Mr. J!"

"Uh... you're going to fuck it?"

I guess you can claim anything is true if you say "Exactly!" first.

"Jesus, fine!  I'll do it.  Just stop sticking your hand out of the panel like that, it's freaking me out."

Jameson strides away with hilarious purposefulness

Peter lies around in his short terrycloth robe and talks about his feelings.


JPX said...

Hilarious as usual, Octo! I like the implication that M.J. joined Peter in a disgusting oil bath. I like to imagine that they have a really kinky sex-life.

J.J.J. as Iron Man is the greatest thing ever. I can't wait to see where this ridiculous story goes next. I bet next week will be all about Robbie in his post Bugle life.

DCD said...

That is a really short robe he's wearing. And I love the line about J.J.J. striding away! It still seems totally ridiculous to me that Tony Stark would just give his old robot away without any care for what it's being used for...?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see Peter and MJ sharing a tender moment. Unlike the mainstream Spidey comics, Mj and Peter are still married in the newspaper Spider-Man series, which is great. It looks like Peter is talking about the time when he was a teenager? Spider-Man comics used to be a lot more interesting when he was a teenager, Now most of the old supporting cast are gone. No Betty Brant, no Aunt May, no Flash Thompson, no Harry Osborn. Now it's just Peter, Mj and Jameson.

Jameson wants to wear Tony's suit to take on Spidey? Man, he's out of his mind. Let's see what happenes to Jameson after this story arc....

Octopunk said...

I only developed an interest in Spider-Man when the Ultimate Spider-Man series started, and a huge part of my enjoyment was seeing him as a high school sophomore. I’m not completely sure storylines should continue for decades. They wear themselves out.

I think Jameson’s exit stride seen out the window was one of the funniest things this strip has presented. He looks like he could work at the Ministry of Funny Walks.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I love the observation of JJJ's hand out of the panel. It's like he's stroking his own ear!