Thursday, February 20, 2014

Daily Spider Bomb! Week 12: Tony Stark is going to get wicked sued

"Lady, I may be endangering your life right now, but I don't recall giving you 'Jonah' privileges."

The rarely seen second panel horizontal split!

"Plus I'll probably kill an innocent ice cream vendor.  Well, here goes!"

As Spidey and Manbot get near the van, it is revealed to be clown-van sized.

Spidey looks inside and realizes risking that man's life wasn't worth keeping his secret identity... or maybe he'll do that when he's done pumping his fist and saying "YES!" like a dork.

My mild amusement over the Manbot's feet sticking out like a dead Wizard of Oz  witch is quickly snuffed out by excessive spider-taint.

Well, now every one of MJ's coworkers know she's sleeping with Spider-Man.  Fortunately they all assume she's cheating on Peter.


JPX said...

Your captions say it all, Octo, this is all so completely illegal!

(1) What J.J.J. is doing is vigilantism.

(2) Tony Stark unleashing this heart-sinking bomb is (highly) illegal.

(3) Pretty much everything Spider-Man does is illegal culminating with taking a "chance" on that van (which could have been filled with children)

Having said that - can't wait for "round two"!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Spider-Man's crotch nearly flew straight into JJJ. He must be so pissed right now.

Also I love how Spidey takes baths instead of showers. Perfectly appropriate given his maturity level.

JPX said...

You're so right about that crotch shot!

How much water is in that bathtub? It looks like Peter is sitting in an ocean. Also, who uses a bath brush like that?

Johnny Sweatpants said...

You're right - what a waste of water!