Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daily Spider Bomb! Week 8 - The Christmas Robot! The Christmas Robot!

For a few best-forgotten weeks it was called the Kaitlin Kirn Komedy show.

So Peter Parker usually gets people for Christmas???


"Oh wait, it is Stark!  Jeez, I just twisted his head off..."

"Maybe I'll get radioactive duck powers!"

Peter invokes wrath of mythical harpy woman, tries to hide head in jacket like a turtle.

Daily Spider-Man, I swear I will give you a quarter every day if you promise to stop mentioning the goddamn airport.


JPX said...

"And the hunt is on!" What a perfectly awesome way to end the Sunday strip! I love reading these strips a week at a time, it feels much more episodic. This is the dumbest, most fun story to date! Thanks for posting these, Octo, your commentary is terrific and really enhances the silliness of the strip.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Hilarious captions Octo! I love the way your brain works.

That elevator in the first strip looks uncomfortably crowded. I would have waited for the next one. (I hate it when there are other people in the elevator!)

Anonymous said...

"Radioactive duck powers"? Hahahahaha, that's a hilarious one, Octo.

DCD said...

Wait, is it actually Christmas in Spidey land? That was weird. Also, is there some trademark infringement on the word "clap" being spelled correctly?