Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Daily Spider Bomb! Week 15: J. Jonah suits up!

But have you really begun Spider-Man's downfall yet?  And check out Mary Jane's bra strap!

My spider-sabbatical sense is acting up!

It's fun to pretend Peter's face actually looks like that, especially because you can imagine it's true in the first panel, too.

I'm not sure what's going on here with his face, but I don't think New York City needs a super-powered robot man with an electified Hitler mustache.

A sexy strip for Valentine's Day!  Mary Jane goes airborne with lust, Peter responds with a shameless grin, and Jameson trots out his new porno name.

Brody suddenly transforms into Martha Washinton!

The Parkers brace for another day of sex while Jonah uses his new super powers to commit petty vandalism.


JPX said...

"Brody suddenly transforms into Martha Washington!"

Best line!

The artists are really doing a great job of making J.J.J look insane. I hope this story ends with J.J.J. being committed to an asylum. I predict Tony Stark will step in and stop J.J.J.

JPX said...

Peter also looks like he's wearing a bra in that first strip.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Peter is thinking about stop being Spidey for a few days? Well, very soon he will need to put on the Spider-Man costume again because Jameson has gone crazy!

P.S. The 5th strip is Perfect for valentines day, I love it!